Knauf system W361
Internal partition walls

Internal partition walls

Knauf system W361

Knauf system W361

Fields of Application

  • Walls in rooms with limited human presence, for eg. living residences, hotels, administrative buildings and hospitals, including the corridors and similar areas.
  • Walls in rooms with increased human presence, for eg. Board rooms, study halls, concert halls, showrooms, commercial premises as well as premises with level floor difference ≥ 1 m (fall protection).

Description of the product

Walls with single metal stud frame and single layer cladding


Cladding Profile Wall
Insul. layer
Rw (dB)
12,5 mm Vidiwall CW50 75 50 49 El 30
El 60
CW75 100 75 52
CW100 125 100 53
12,5 mm Vidiphonic CW75 100 60 55  
18 mm Vidifire A1 CW100 125 100   El 120


Knauf Metal Stud Partitions-W36
Knauf System W361 - CAD details

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