Questions and answers

Questions and answers

Questions and Answers

1. What is the difference between gypsum board and gypsum fibre board?

Both types of boards contain of gypsum and paper but have different structures. Gypsum board has gypsum core and cardboard wrap and gypsum fibre boards has homogeneous consistency of gypsum and cellulose fibres.

2. Where can I buy gypsum fibre boards?

Do not hesitate to contact us HERE. We will direct you.

3. What instruments do I need to work with gypsum fibre boards?

For cutting you need model knife or electrical saw. Gypsum fibre boards are fixed to metal stud frame by means of screws – Impact drive type. Installation to timber structure can be done with steel nails and air gun.

4. What should I know about the jointing and surface treatment when working with gypsum fibre boards Vidiwall?

There are several ways of jointing depending on the board’s edge.
If you work with fibre boards with SK edge you should align the boards on a 5-7 mm joint and fill the joint completely with Uniflott. Scrape the excess after approx. 40 minutes. Apply Uniflott with trowel or wide steel scraper and embed joint tape into it.
For boards with SK edge glued joints are also applicable. In this case a special joint adhesive is used.
When using boards with VT or VTF edge align the boards tightly and coat the joints with Uniflott and joint tape.

5. Can I use gypsum fibre boards in the bathroom?

All gypsum fibre boards are impregnated and can be used in a bathroom. Vidiwall HI has an additional surface impregnation which makes the board most suitable for such application. The surfaces surrounding the sink and the shower are additionally insulated with Knauf Flächendicht and tape.

6. Can I use gypsum fibre board for external wаlls?

Gypsum fibre board Vidiwall HI is suitable for façade with integrated thermal insulation system or ventilated facades.

7. Can I glue gypsum fibre board like a dry plaster?

No. We recommend installation to a metal stud or a timber structure.