Boards for Walls

Boards for Walls



Description of the product

Standard gypsum fibre board for walls.


Thickness /mm/ 10 12,5 15 18
Width /mm/ 1000 1200 1245 1250
Lengh /mm/ 1500 2000 2000 3000
Edge /mm/ SK VTF FK  


Gypsum fibre boards should be stored in horizontal position on wooden pallets or strips of boards in dry, moisture-protected rooms.

Versions for edging the edges

VTF edge – board width 1200, 1250 mm

The VTF edge is a tapered edge with recess of 1.5 mm. Thus the joint tape can be inserted seamlessly. Fix boards butt-jointed, fill VTF edge with Uniflott, insert joint tape and press with slight pressure, after approx. 4 hours coat with Knauf Uniflott . For multi-layer cladding, fill the joints of the lower layer, fill and grout the joints of the outer layer. Once dry, sand to even surface. Cover the fasteners as well. VTF is the upgrade of VT edge. The additional chamfer makes the joint stronger due to the bigger contact surface between the board and the joint filler.

SK edge – open joint – board width 1195, 1245 mm
Align the boards on a 5-7 mm joint and fill the joint completely with Uniflott. Scrape the excess after approx. 40 minutes. Apply Uniflott with trowel or wide steel scraper and embed joint tape into it.
SK edge – glued joint – board width 1199, 1249 mm
Using a suitable gun, apply a continuous bead of Knauf Vidiwall Joint Adhesive to the adjacent edge of the fixed board. Align the next board and push it firmly into the bed of adhesive (joint width <1 mm) and fix it with screws or staples. Scrape off the excess Knauf Vidiwall Joint Adhesive within one hour with a steel scraper.

When should the joint-filling be carried out?
  • When no significant changes in the length of the gypsum fiber boards are expected (eg due to changes in humidity or temperature) ››The air humidity is between 40 and 75%
  • The room and surface temperature is not less than 10oC
  • All statically relevant weights must be introduced before joint-filling z. B. underlay floors, roofing, green roofs etc.

Cutting out

The gypsum fibre boards with a thickness of up to 12.5 mm are cut with a scraper blade and bent over the edge of the rack. The broken edge can be aligned with a front grate and cleaned from dust (especially when applied with an open or glued joint). Clean edges can be achieved with an electric saw (use aspiration).


Gypsum fibre boards are fixed to metal frame by means of screws and to timber frame by means of screws, nails or staples (DIN 1052), galvanized or with another
anti-corrosion coating.



Knauf Gypsum Fibre Board Brochure
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